What happened to the Acme Original Range, and what's this new Evolution Range?

In 2017, we began the transition period between two generations of Acme cups with the Evolution Range gradually replacing the Original Range, which has been discontinued by Acme. 

The new Evolution is gorgeous, boasting glossier, more vibrant colors with brighter whites, a modern, more comfortable handle, and a more tapered wall for easier pouring and better drinking!

Along with the new range comes a bit of a shift in some of the product and color names, based on native New Zealand flora and fauna:

Original Range 115 Saucer = Evolution Range 11cm Saucer

Original Range 145 Saucer = Evolution Range 14cm Saucer

Original Range 155 Saucer = Evolution Range 15cm Saucer

Red = Rata

Green = Feijoa

Blue = Kokako

Black = Penguin

White = Milk

Grey = Dolphin

Brown = Weka

In addition, Yellow has been replaced by a brand new color option: Whale! Whale is a navy blue-grey that pairs beautifully with the other colors in the Acme Range.

Can I mix and match the Original Range with the Evolution Range?

Yes! The two lines are compatible with each other, with the same, barista-standard volumes you're used to with the Original Range. The colors that have been continued over into the Evolution Range are, on the whole, a very close colour match, but the brighter white porcelain and the glossier glaze of the Evolution Range causes the new range to appear a bit more vibrant. All that being said, even when held up side by side, the color difference is small enough that most people wouldn't notice!

If you'd like a bit more info about the new Evolution Range, or if you're interested in listening to us attempt to pronounce "weka", you can check out this video!